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Metalcote manufacture and supply plastic coated cat baskets, wire pet carriers, mesh cages and animal traps. In addition to our most popular range of cat basket, we can also supply dog kennels and puppy pens, car cages, secure guards and folding kennels and baskets. We also provide many animal aids to vets, such as, end opening restrainer trapping cages for administering injections, or rescue traps, for the capture and transportation of wild feral animals and small rodents and birds. Our cat baskets, dog kennels and pens are also particularly useful for securing and protecting domestic pets, either when travelling in the UK or abroad, in your car or caravan.

As we are specialists in the manufacture of plastic coated wire animal carriers we can produce custom designed baskets and carriers to suit any pet or individual animal. if you have a particular special requirement we will economically manufacture the product to your own specification.

Please view our pages for more details and you can now buy our most popular ranges online. If you require a product made to your own specification, please call us for a quote or more information.

Call us on : 01432 890225

We can manufacture and supply:
Cat Baskets | End Opening Restrainers | Interstacking baskets | Kitten cages | Puppy Pens | Fold Flat Wire Dog Kennels | Rescue Traps | Recovery Baskets | Short Stay Units | Hospitalisation Baskets | Dome Baskets | Badger Baskets | Dropper Baskets | Rodent Baskets | Trays | Spare rods

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